Just in case you were wondering

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That anguished howl you heard earlier?  The one that sounded like 1000 souls dieing? That was me reading the letter from Thurston county.  You may recall that before we bought our land I made countless trips (well, about three or four)to the planning department ask all whether there was wetland on our property. 

They did not think so. They could not be certain, but nothing they had indicated it was… Or so they said. 

Of course now we’ve applied for permission to build on it, suddenly had applied the magic decryption key for the spider secure database which they definitely couldn’t check before. The one that says the neighboring property has wetland, possibly,and that LIDAR reports say there might be wetland. So please can W pay to get it assessed for wetland. 

Oh, and no progress on anything else til that happens. 


So we may have effectively sunk all our money into a barely buildable plot. 

So that was the hotel you heard. 



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