There goes the luggage allowance.

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So two days ago I headed down to the garage that have Rebecca to collect the diff. This is the less than 3k miles old diff that was rebuilt specially for installation. The Escort diff which was installed just before we moved over here.

I believe the technical term is "aaah, shit". Less than 3000 miles on it and... Yeah.

They are of the opinion that it was rebuilt incorrectly – that it’s been shimmed wrong and has too much lash. I have to say, I’m really hoping that the company that built it, despite it being a year ago, will repair it under warranty*. I’m pretty disappointed though – although it pretty much goes with the Rebecca’s longstanding history of stupid things going wrong whenever she’s repaired by anyone else.

* There have been some communication issues between myself and the garage – I’m not sure if they’ve already agreed or not.


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