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@ people deploring the lack of “civility” and “politeness” from the left after the election

I think I remember reading in an response by @hbomberguy something along the lines of, “your goal in life shouldn’t be not to be a dick, but to be a dick to the right people”, and I feel like that’s generally a good mentality. Like, if you really want to stand up for what’s right in the world, you’ve got to abandon any commitments you might have to being a “nice” person universally, given how useless of a response that is to displays of abject evil.

Exactly. Kindness is paramount, but if kindness to someone necessitates ignoring or accepting the dehumanization of others, save your kindness for someone more deserving.

Turning a blind eye to injustice for the sake of “being nice” is no different than siding with the monsters.