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OK folks: Game night is ON. I have 2 neighbors donating board games appropriate for all ages.

I’m still sick, so this’ll probably start in early December. It’ll be at Burial Grounds in Oly. The new location is at the old Darby’s Cafe.

Thanks to Linda and Elisa, we’ll have all ages board games. Kate’s bringing Jenga and @shadesofmauve is bringing mahjong (right? That was you, wasn’t it?)

That was me, and I’ll also bring RoboRally and Dominion. :) 

(We can thank @tinierpurplefishes for Roborally – that’s where my game comes from! She hand-painted all the figures!)

EDIT: All this is assuming I can actually make it – my nights are pretty booked. But you’d be welcome to pick up my games even if I couldn’t come. 

Uh! You have RoboRally? That game is teh awesomes. I always meant to get a copy…

And there are other Kates? 

Yes ????

@pyoorkate, my friend Kate is an area herbalist. She’s volunteered to teach us about plant things if anyone is interested. I know I am.

I think I’ve technically owned RoboRally for awhile, but my mom had stolen it. Since @tinierpurplefishes had given it to me to play with her, I can’t really blame her. But now its back at my house!

Also, @pyoorkate, I suspect you’d fit in well at these gatherings, but since currently I only ‘know’ (sort of) @pacificnorthwestdoodles, I can’t say just yet.

That’s really funny @shadesofmauve. @tinierpurplefishes should totally come and meet other Oly/thurston county area folks. Like minded non-tumblr folks are coming too. My buddy Kate is one of them. 

@pyoorkate you’ll be great. We’ll all be together meeting new folks. @madtechnomage, @darrahbailey, @maeganbobaegan, have said they’d like to come too.

 @lovablebiscuit? @saintofbeasts? @cetra777, @bitterbitchclubpresident  I know you’re not super close, but this might be something you’d be interested in. <3

The focus is on getting to know each other. Connecting with other Thurston County/Oly area buds. Saying “hey, we’re here. We’re going to take care of each other. Our emotional/mental health in these crud times in important’

“We are here. We are Present.  We are not going away <3?

If folks aren’t able to make this, that’s OK too. I can arrange take home things for folks to do too if that’s more your speed.  I have books and crafts folks can take home/borrow too.

@tinierpurplefishes is sadly up on Bainbridge (Well, I mean, good for her, sad for us!). But she comes down to visit occasionally!

@pyoorkate, assuming the day works, it’d be fun to see you and Kat there!

It’s sad for me sometimes, too. I really would like to be somewhere that it was easier to visit people more often.

I may have to try to make it down for one of these, tho.

Depending on day and time we’d be up for coming… It sounds cool, and we have new games that we have not tried yet…