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gay people were not invented until 1977, when the musical group The Village People was formed

straight people are so… bizarre

Hasn’t Team Fortress 2 put literally EVERYTHING before logic and a coherent setting?

Bro have you ever played TF2?
There’s a gun with 2 cans of soda taped to it that let you jump like 7 times without touching the ground.

sorry sjws but magicians and healy beam guns are more real than the homo gays :/

They don’t even know when tf2 takes place the tf2 timeline starts off in 1969 you fucking gamergating shit-burrito.

the vast majority of what we’ve experienced has been in the early seventies going all the way up to 72’

“Gay people were not invented until 1977?–whew, slid in just in time for the party.