I’m not sure if it’s better or worse

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So, the media server has been reinstalled. It has a shiny clean ubuntu install on it.

Yesterday’s endless stream of disasters seems to have slowed to a steady stream of awkwardness.


And thankfully after endless updates which failed to fix the graphics card issue (which I’d forgotten about until yesterday when I foolishly applied an update in hopes it might fix other problems) the graphics card now works. This is because while I used to be a fairly adept Linux sysadmin I’m now somewhere between n00b and foolishly, dangerously, overconfident.

“Oh yes”, I think, “I remember how to do this.”

Yes, possibly back in 2001. But now you’ve just removed a foundation block and the whole edifice is trembling prior to falling over.

Anyhow, I’ve got the slimserver on there, and I’ve got the subsonic server on there, and there was a positive whirlwind of excitement. I’ve got the disks automatically mounting. Oh, the thrill.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that for reasons not yet fathomed by me, that after about 10 minutes it disconnects from the WiFi network if I’m not logged in. I’m tempted to just go for the really easy lazy and insecure fix of saying ‘auto log in’ for me, or at least testing that solution. Because tweaking it to say ‘keep connected to this wifi network’ didn’t fix it. Despite the fact it was streaming music over the wifi using Logitech’s software it still logged itself out.


Still, it’s a step forward, and now back to studying.


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