Oh, well this is super fun.

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So, I realise that having admitted to myself that yes, I do need a root canal, and that the tooth that they filled in England just before I left rotted enough in the 6 months in between the ‘you should get it checked in 6 months, or if you get any more pain, because I think you might need a root canal’ and the 6 months being up that I now definately need a root canal I might not be in the most positive of moods. Especially since I’ve already fore-spent $700 on the dental work already and this is now going to be more expense on top of that.

…and I managed to bite deeply into my lip after the last dental treatment which then got infected, which then made me spend Sunday lying down and exhausted and so ill I didn’t actually want to do anything. Not dinking on the computer, or watching TV. I just felt like absolute crap.

…and my allergies are kicking my arse *spectacularly* this year.

…and given the $700 bill which needs paying for the incorrect septic design that – and the $300 more for the new PERC holes and the $400 more for the new design work…

So I might not be feeling super positive right this instant.

But trying to find a 6 month rental is proving to be super difficult. Most of these people want 1 year’s lease, which we don’t want. And we don’t really want carpet because we suspect that carpet is what’s driving my allergies to be worse than normal (the UK allergy advice is ‘get rid of carpet’ as step one). Add in the requirement for somewhere to park the EV (with ideally a 40A outlet – although we’ve been running the gauntlet with a 30A outlet here) and it feels like we’re on to a losing streak.

I’ve had repeated disappointment over the last couple of days with people saying “rented it already” or “we need a longer lease”. So yes. Going well this is not.


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