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It was anti-bullying day yesterday 

The only universe in which Donald Trump would be wearing a pink “Kindness” shirt is if he lost a $2 billion bet with Elon Musk and was forced at knifepoint to do it or something. And then he still wouldn’t do it, probably, and if he did he would lecture you about how he actually won the bet and how Elon Musk is a loser because his rockets have blown up more than they’ve been successful. 

Also, Canada, your PM is cool.

Justin’s a boxer

an actor

Justin’s influential council of economic advisers is the first where women outnumber the men.

He’s also the first to have the most diverse cabinet and completely gender equal. 50/50 men and women. “I wanted my Cabinet to look like Canada.”

Great hair

Loves pride

just a cool dude

and he’s done a strip tease for charity

we’re pretty proud

Can I move to Canada now?

So, Canada eh?

I couldn’t possibly have a bigger crush on him.