A serial child molester was the Speaker of the House

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And he gets 15 months, only 15 months!!! for years of “mistreating” these boys, and however many others who haven’t come forward, and however many years this trauma affected them, years of therapy they hopefully got to help build themselves back up again to be strong enough to come forward about their experiences. How many years they had to bury the memories in their mind, to compartmentalize to emotionally protect themselves, avoid thinking of what happened to them because it just hurt too much to think about it, because thinking about the memories would just tear the boys back down, destroy the little amount of inner strength they were able to regrow over time. 15 months is a slap in the face. And people wonder why rape victims don’t immediately come forward about the crimes committed against them.

To be clear, his sentence was NOT for molesting these kids.  The statute of limitations had run out on all of these cases. The only thing they could nail him on was lying to the FBI last year.

He got ZERO months for the actual crime, because the actual crime could not be prosecuted.  It’s like getting Al Capone for tax evasion.  The judge spent thirty minutes in court SEETHING into the record that he had no way to give Hastert more time behind bars.