I have turned productivity up to 11.

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Well, maybe not 11. Maybe something like 7. Perhaps.

I made a list of things to do today, and I’ve done many of them. I hoovered the house – the new Roomba is yet to prove its worth, waiting as it is for me to steel myself to order it a new aerovac dust bit. See, the filter in it is filthy, which is, I suspect why it sucks, rather than sucks. Also, the battery is on its last legs. Both of these are fixable, and indeed, far less work than I was expecting. I got it as a project, plugged it in to charge over night after it arrived, and the next day it worked. Well, as I say, it kind of moved the dirt around rather than actually sucking it up. It seems to particularly struggle with pine needles, which shouldn’t really be a huge problem in the PNW. I mean, it’s not like we have many pine needles to clean up*. Anyhow, so I’m trying to decide whether to fork out $35 for the new aerovac bin which should upgrade its suction and means I’d get a new filter, or just to try a new filter in the existing bin. I’m inclined towards the former. But it’s being mulled at the moment. I’m also debating the new battery options. Real? Clone? Lithium ion? NiMH? Oh, the choices. Anyhow, so to go back to the story, I hoovered, rather than than the Roomba doing so.

Anyhow, I then set to on RebeccaMog, who’s leaking screen I attacked with vim and vigour. The sealant had failed all the way down one side and some of the way down the other side. I’m not sure whether I’ve fixed it, I do know that I now need something to dissolve silicone sealant from where it managed to run. I scrabbled around attempting to remove it, but in the heat of the sun it dried before I could get it done…

…I then did a bunch of unexciting admin-y things that needed doing.

…then I spent some time on the project for our business which had been driving me nuts and making me think I’d forgotten everything I’d ever known about electronics (rather than nearly everything, which I’m willing to accept that I’ve forgotten). Eventually I did get it working, which has pleased me no end, although the power supply does still honk from cigarette smoke. I ended up leaving it outside for a few hours in the hope that might fix it, but still absolutely reeks.

Then I stripped and cleaned the keyboard from Goodwill – so that I could start work on the media PC, which is now up and running. But unfucking the mess I made of it before we moved (I shuffled files for various reasons, then ran out of disk space), is turning into a hideous nightmare. Not aided by the fact that something, I have no idea what, is consuming vast amounts of disk activity, and making it periodically unusable. And by ‘periodically’ I mean ‘for long blocks of time – most of the time that it’s on’. I’ve checked using top and it’s not exactly a processor usage problem.

I have absolutely no idea what its doing though.

Which is doubly upsetting because I would like to move some files around.

At the moment I’m trying ‘patience’ to see if leaving it for a long time does the job.

It is at least running though.

* Ha hahahahahahaha. Aaaaaah hahahahaha. Ha! No one warned me about this.


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