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jinxy7: Kuba Komet mid century television
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That time when Spain didn’t exist

i-peed-so-hard-i-laughed: myworldoflanguages: useless-spain-facts: This is a milestone of the Internet Port O’ Rico
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hermitknut: dinosaur-discourse: Since it’s April Fool’s Day, and Tumblr is sending images of lizards screaming across all our dashboards at hyper-light speeds, I thought it…
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did-you-kno: You can recycle cigarettes through a free program offered by Terracycle. Music strings, pens and markers, energy bar wrappers, chip bags, drink pouches, toothpaste…
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ed balls

its-almost-as-if: cardboardmoose: on the 28th of april, 2011 ce, shadow chancellor of the exchequer edward michael balls tweeted his own name in a moment of…
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Trigger Warnings as an Impediment to Healing and Mental Health

justice-turtle: jimhines: So much conversation and debate after yesterday’s post about trigger warnings. Most of the commenters seemed to agree that: No, trigger warnings are…
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taliabobalia: EXACTLY
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bisexualmindylahiri: supernatasha: The United States of America is only one of two countries that has not approved and accepted the Convention on the Rights of…
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ohgodhesloose: jasoncanty01: heyblackrose: barbotrobot: esiuqram: tevinsupreme: talkdowntowhitepeople: talkdowntowhitepeople: do you want to know something?? I always wondered what the hell kind of hairstyle the Ancient…
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