Hitting the trifecta

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So yesterday we headed up to Seattle. Although we’ve been up there on holidays before, we’d not been to visit the city since we got back. We’d been up to see people, but not just trailed around doing fun stuff. But Kathryn spotted this artist called Basia Bulat who looked very cool (hey, Autoharp), so we’d booked tickets.

So when Kathryn got back yesterday, we hopped in the car and meandered up – and managed to hit the trifecta.

We haven’t had a proper celebratory meal just-us since we moved, nor did we really celebrate our anniversary with a nice dinner (which is traditional for us). So we had a table booked at a nice looking restaurant…and it was excellent.

Stateside serves delicious Vietnamese food, and really nice cocktails.

Clams…trumpet mushrooms… oh happy day. Good food is one of the best things in the world…

…as is good music. We headed over to the Basia Bulat gig – which was excellent, although very, very loud.


I am glad that in the bottom of my bag was lurking my ancient set of earplugs, as we’d ended up very close to one of the speaker stacks, and both of us actually found the audio level pretty uncomfortable. I remember when I was a yoof, and would go to gigs, I’d come out with my ears ringing and not care. Now my hearing’s so crappy I’m a bit defensive of it… anyhow, the plugs did their thing, and the music was ace.

Beyond the autoharp and her fantastic voice, she also plays a 1970’s electronic piano, which sounds fantastic.

So we bought the CD, obviously.

And then, heading out, hit up Elliott Bay which, it turns out, is open to 11pm on Fridays. How awesome is that. I mean, Elliott Bay is pretty damn cool already, then as a bonus they’re open ’til 11pm. Just in case it’s 11pm and you want to buy a book. Which we did. So that was handy…

…then we headed back. And now I’m knackered, because it turns out that getting back after midnight and waking up at 8… is not enough sleep.


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