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I think I may, just may, finally, have trimmed enough material off the back of the turntable mat that I can actually play most records. I will have to get a new mat at some point, and I’m slightly confused by the fact that pictures of the thing show it with a massive-great-thick mat which clearly won’t work at all on mine.

For example:

Picture of an SL-6 Turntable that's not mine

Mine has had to be created, more or less, by turntable mat beam epitaxy. I’ve trimmed it so bloody thin you can barely see it in places.

Still, the turntable is now working. So yay.

Of course, I’ve now discovered that it can’t play one of the albums I own without covering the sensor – it can’t cope with the pale pink Taffy lixiviate album at all – scanning the disk and then giving up completely.

Also yay/unyay:

Lots of waves and smiles for Rebecca today…

…but she’s still leaking. I’ve tightened up the wiper spindle onto the rubber, but I think I’m going to need to buy some silicone sealant to run around the base of it.


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