How’s it going?

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It’s kind of hard for me to judge how it’s going at the moment. I’m still waiting for references to arrive, so each day is kind of blurring into the next one as I trade between couch and dining table, finding little tasks for me to do. I’ve got a record deck on the way that needs servicing, which is something I can dink with. I’ve been over to my soon-to-be-workplace for a drug test, which was a first in my life.

Although I required chiding at every stage of the process, eventually we got the urine sealed in the requisite sample container with me having more-or-less kept my eyes on it the whole time. Which was, frankly, a weird experience. I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m so aware of the concepts that underpin slight-of-hand that I think that well, it doesn’t matter if I think I’ve kept an eye on it, someone who really wanted to doctor it could.

At any rate, it’s done. So now I’m just waiting for references to be processed. In the mean time I’m off to go look at a car. A Honda Insight, actually. First generation. It’s about a decade old, and I’m sure not what anyone in their right mind would tell me to buy, but it’s a pretty good looking car, with reasonably solid efficiency.

So those were my two main ‘tasks’ I’d set myself while I was off (I was, to be fair, hoping to be working by now) – which leaves me with more pondering time. So I find myself wondering how I’m settling in. I mean, everyone asks. Even random strangers ask. How are you finding it? What’s different? What’s the same?

I find myself wondering these things as I watch the evergreens flitting past the windows whenever I drive anywhere.

And y’know, I don’t really know. It’s all a bit weird at the moment, while I’m not working. I mean, it’s like a prolonged semi-holiday. I do know that everyone (more or less) has been lovely. People have been understanding of my idiocy as I’m stood there going “I don’t know how this works!”. The scenery around here is beautiful. My drive home I watch for the mountain each time, and when the light catches it right? Wow.

The incessant rain has so far not bothered me too much. Though there is, seriously, a lot of rain. I mean, I thought it rained a lot in Bristol (Average precipitation for the month of January – 90mm (3.5ish inches) but here? Oh wow… 190mm (7.8 inches). That explains much. When I thought it feels like it’s raining more here? It’s raining more here. Anyhow, that alone hasn’t really dampened my spirits.

I’m still finding my feet, very much so, but so far it’s not been terribly unpleasant an experience :)


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