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“Would you go on vacation for $100,000?”

I would take people out at the knees with a baseball bat to get front of the line access to a remote cabin in the woods where no one knows where I am and can’t contact me, all for a $100k reward after the fact.

I’ve seen this floating around my FB and so many of the comments on it are smug and holier than thou and “oh, the REST of you plebes can’t survive without your precious Internet and television but I would be fine, because I’m  just that not attached to technology.” And it’s like “bro, I love FB, I love Tumblr, but give me 100K and I’mma take a box of books, a notepad and some pencils, and be golden.” I really don’t think there’s many people who wouldn’t take that option. Shut up. You’re not special. 

…and…like…it doesn’t even say NO TECHNOLOGY, just no real-time-access-to-outside-world tech.  If there’s electricity, you can have a non-networked computer–work on writing, illustrating, composing music, watch movies, play games, bring Arduino stuff and hack to your heart’s content…

If there’s not electricity, there’s probably not plumbing, either, which might be a bigger deal breaker for some people than lack of electronics.  And, some of those people…well, there’s technique involved in keeping a fire going… (Is there a stove at all?)

My point is, as @geekygothgirl pointed out, of course people can survive without the internet for a month, especially if they’d get $100,000 for it…but…living in a small isolated cabin in the middle of winter might require doing without more than just an internet connection…and that’s where all those smug ‘not attached to technology’ people might realize that…yeah…they are…

Also, this sounds like the premise of a bad horror movie.

When “Just wanted to get away from it all” goes too far

You know, this is pretty much my idea of a perfect holiday. Electricity or no, I’d be happy.