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So it turns out that it’s quite stressful this.

I spent much of the day feeling pretty f’kin low, because our car which is probably worth about 3-3.5k now it’s cleaned and shiny is not selling. Apparently Xmas is a terrible time of year to sell a car. Of course, the reason we’re trying to sell at Xmas is because our solicitors and the other solicitors were so painfully slow.

But after an e-bay auction with one solitary bid from a f’kin idiot who wanted to, but couldn’t retract his bid. Apart from that. No one.

So non-paying bidder aside we’ve had multiple people offer then not follow up with actually turning up.

Which is very, very stressful. And upsetting, because I’d kinda counted that money into the pot of ‘money we’ll have at some point’.

Also, I spent the entire afternoon washing tools in Jeyes Fluid in the hopes that customs will not be pissed at us for bringing diseases in. Everything should be dead now.



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