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So, uh, I haven’t been posting much lately. And I really haven’t been around reblogging stuff. Part of that is that they took away my replies, and that was really a LOT of how I interacted with tumblr. Part is that life’s been even more overwhelming than usual, and I’m not entirely convinced of my ability to cope*. Part of it is that my old post on fanfiction blew up, which is AWESOME, but means I can’t see anything else on my mobile activity page (and mobile’s all I’ve really managed).


I’m going to California (I get to see @songscloset, among other people!) on Friday, so I’ll be even less around than usual. 

I really hope 2016 is easier than 2015 has been.

*Figurative coping, though my ability to practically cope – that is, to make a tight hand-fit wood joint in baseboards that mimics a miter – could still use some improvement, as well.

Yeah, 2015 has been hard going… Let’s hope 2016 is easier… Mind you, we’re planning to build a house…