Blessing or Challenge

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So when we arrived, we had set up a 6 month sublet in the city where Kathryn grew up. It’s ace. We’re sharing for a couple of weeks with the (lovely) people who own the house and then we’ll be here about 5 months without them. The timing’s impeccable, and the location’s delicious. It seemed like an awesome plan.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to work for these 6 months. A discussion with the recruiter this morning did not go particularly well… they were very much of the opinion that they want at least a year’s commitment for foreign nurses… which I can give… when we’re settled somewhere. But as we’re looking at places a couple of hours away from where we are staying at the moment as where we’ll settle, commuting to a job here for 6 months after we’ve moved is not very practical. Since we want to build somewhere anyway, that would put the kibosh on that too… because commuting loads would prevent me from building anything much.

Anyhow. We’ll see how this plays out. I’d suspected this might be a problem, but if anyone needs a nurse or a technical writer in the Olympia area… I’m available.


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