So that chicken counting

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The car cost about £6k more than it was meant to.
The house is selling for £10k less than we originally agreed.
I’ve earned around £8k less than I was hoping/expecting to.
…oh, and the pound’s dropped against the dollar by quite a bit.

This is going less well than we might hope.

I tried not to engage in too much counting of eggs before they hatched, but seriously, this is quite painful at the moment. Despite being available pretty much every day where I can be, I’ve *just about* equalled my pay when I was working for the NHS, working privately. Normally I could earn about 3x as much… but our ‘illustrious’ Health Secretary has made it very difficult for the NHS to use agency nurses. Now, if the NHS suddenly had enough nurses that’d make more sense, but actually, hospitals (ime) are just running short staffed. I’d actually suck up lower pay, but it’s too late for me to join another agency.

So it’s just painful at the moment.

And that’s today’s financial news.


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