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Actually, as a trans woman, I do wish I could get periods.

Because that would mean I had a functioning uterus and could give birth.

And it really bothers me that that’s not a possibility.

So every time I see one of those “PERIODS ARE A UNIQUELY FEMALE THING THAT YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND AND YOU SHOULD BE GLAD YOU DON’T GET THEM” posts, it not only triggers my dysphoria, but it reminds me of how so many cis women revoke our identities when it’s convenient for them.

I’m not trying to tell anyone not to talk about their bodies; just… be aware of how you’re framing this stuff, okay? Please?

if you’re on estrogen, you get the symptoms, I’m sure.
Nausea? Pms. Or the flu.
Dizziness? Pms. Or the flu.
Migraines? Pms. Or a hormonal imbalance or migraine condition.

And no. You do not fucking want the sensation of someone:
A) slowly gutting you with a butter knife
B) kicking you repeatedly with a steel-toe boot
C) launching a basketball repeatedly at your stomach
D) trying to claw their way out of you
E) any combo of these and breathing fire INTO YOUR UTERUS

So don’t even.

Word. No disrespect to my trans sisters, but it is a pain that I’m jealous of y’all for not having. You guys get to be all fierce and shit 24/7….but when my time of the month comes I turn into a potato…a bitchy irritable potato

You guys get to live a normal lifespan and have jobs and stuff. I’m not sure they really break even.

Also there is pretty much zero context in which trans women being presented as “fierce” is empowering or even complimentary? Like we’re inherently perceived as predatory… This idea that trans women are “fierce” even in that complimentary “strong woman” way is pretty much not something we get to access or make anything of, except in very constrained contexts. It’s a way for you to feel nice and polite about your transmisogyny, and that’s pretty much it. 

Also the second post is kind of unreal here. Like, here’s a thought: try listening to what OP is actually saying? And consider the possibility that you’re not a fucking telepath and that maybe trans women can be concretely aware that having a uterus isn’t fun and games and magically popping out babies with no mess or fuss. Like just give us some basic credit for our awareness of medical and experiential realities that are widely discussed by the cis women and CAFAB folks in our lives (or in general). It’s kind of hard to miss that there are aspects of it that aren’t fun and that for some unlucky people it’s positively excruciating.

What OP is saying is literally just “stop treating me like a naive gullible airhead when I say I’d *deal* with that reality for the possibility of having kids because it means that much to me, but my body won’t let me make that tradeoff so I’m stuck feeling terrible about something and every time I say so along come trans men and cis women to treat me like shit and rub it in.” 

And right on cue you folks show up. 

*golf clap*

Using the word ‘fierce’ for trans women is a fucking dog whistle. If you think trans women are just really faggy men, then just fucking say it. Like, that combined with referring to us as ‘guys’ is either 1) super lazy or 2) malevolent, so fix yourself.

Beyond that, there’s another complicating factor: trans women are consistently pushed to have various irreversible and sterilizing surgeries (both legally and socially), but we are routinely kept from having children through other means by economic and transmisogynist systems.

Do you honestly think for a fucking moment that an adoption agency is going to give a child to a trans woman (esp. if she isn’t straight/white/passable)? And in vitro fertilization is completely economically impossible for almost all trans women because we are typically poorer than cis women (even if we do bank our gametes, which is another long term cost for us that most of us can’t make).

So I can see for a lot of trans women that the choice would be between “have periods” and “Have children in any way ever,” and for a lot of women that’s a fair trade off. Like, a cis woman could try to get a hysterectomy if she didn’t want to have periods, whereas we never have the option to have children that isn’t “Do it before you trans” and then you have people telling you not to transition because you have kids.

Soooooo cis women: stop telling trans women what we do or don’t want.