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Captain America On A Not So Stereotypical Mission

We are far from an intolerant nation but deep seated stereotypes are pervasive in our lives. I have the dubious honor of being a continuous target of hate from young and old, men and women, white, black and Hispanic. As a turbaned and bearded American people from all walks of life feel compelled to exercise their ignorance, insecurity, bigotry in my presence.

Over two years ago I decided to reach out into the world of comic superheroes for a helping hand. I was preparing to showcase my cartoon work at the New York City comic con. The first Captain America movie provided the perfect candidate in my mind for this endeavor. A turbaned and bearded Captain on a poster with the slogan


“Just relax! Its called a turban. Inside is my long unshorn waist length hair. Now lets kick some intolerant ass,”

served as a banner for over three days. It was enough to break the ice and get people to engage with me and my art…”

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