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Not legitimate problems with GMOs:

  • They’re “frankenfood” or “dangerous” or “playing God.”

Legitimate problems with GMOs:

  • Artificially sterile seeds which force farmers to buy new seeds from with every crop from corporations which have a monopoly on said seeds. Especially harmful for smallholdings farms.
  • Like pesticides, pest-resistant GMOs become less effective at deterring pests over time due to natural selection.

licensing seeds which are then given away as a trial, then requiring farmers to either purchase the license again or destroy their entire crops. This is what at least one GMO corporation did in the wake of Haiti’s natural disaster.

We need to reframe the issue.  Pretty much every “legitimate problem with GMOs” that one can think of is a problem with the corporations that create them and the cultural and legal environment those companies operate in.  Patented gene sequences, artificially sterile seeds, GMO crops that take over other strains…those are all problems with the corporations that create them and the idea that doing those things is acceptable, not a problem with the GMOs themselves.  We need to stop looking at this as a “GMO problem” and start looking at is as a systemic problem.



And I can’t even open this subject of discussion with most of my usual activist local friends, because they’re all stuck on the “GMO’s will KILL YOU” crap.