With each revelation

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Each time I hear about the shameful depths corporations will go to assuage their greed for wealth at the expense of the rest of humanity, each time I read about the latest horrific thing done in the name of capitalist success, or ‘for the good of the shareholders’… each time, I think that perhaps that’s the lowest depth that people will plumb, that maybe we’ll learn and perhaps people, even revoltingly rich people will show even the most pathetic strand of moral fibre.

But no.

It turns out that ExxonMobil can exceed even the most duplicitous and deceitful acts of modern times by attempting to condemn all of humanity to an unpleasant, disease filled future, with mass extinctions of vast populations a real possibility thanks to their behaviour.

So fuck them.

Really, Fuck them and their shareholders, and the climate scientists who worked there who failed to alert the rest of the world to the fact that Exxon Fucking Mobil knew about climate change in 1978 and instead of acting to try and stem the damage we were inflicting on the world, instead opted to fund groups to deliberately muddy the waters, deceive the public, and prevent meaningful action that might have saved lives.

Really, fuck them all.

I know it won’t, but I hope to hell their company disintegrates and their company is driven into the ground.

Their management are evil, and their culture corrupting on the rest of humanity.


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