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It’s pretty telling that my parents wouldn’t be called traffickers, and by a lot of people wouldn’t even be called abusive, for locking me into a room with a family member they knew was regularly molesting and raping me.

But a lot of my friends and partners would, for helping me manage finances and look for safe ways to work knowing that I do sex work.

actually adding these two tags on for real bc it’s super important:

#and back then they were just enabling a child rapist#not a damn HOOKER

People have genuinely looked down on me more for being a hooker than my rapist has been looked down on for being a rapist. I have lost more of my family over my job than my cousin- who was taken to court over his sexual abuse (not of me, but of his sister)- did over his actions. He not only still lives with his family, but also still has a strong relationship with them. My sister hasn’t spoken to me in over a year. We live in a society where sex work is more despicable than literal, repeated rape of a fucking three year old.

This post is rebloggable, by the way. This is something that I genuinely want people to be aware of.