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In honor of Jewish Women’s Day, here I am. Ashkenazi Jewish and I look it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a big nose and dark eyes and black hair, and while I’ve been exoticized and asked intrusive, insulting questions for it, I try my best to love the way I look. Happy impromptu holiday to all my fellow Jewish women!

There is a lot of foliage on my face. From here, you can see where my eyebrow line blends into my hairline, and the more yellow areas on my upper lip signify the growth of black hairs there as well (although I wax those). Black hair also makes a faint Ambrose Burnside pattern on my cheeks, starting from my sideburns on down. Pouchy cheeks, lips that look “off” – for such a long time, I’ve hated the way I looked. There’s less of that now.

Isn’t she beautiful, folks? :) You should see her when she smiles.