I appear to have slipped into an alternate dimension

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So, okay… is this some kind of insanely strange parody? I mean… no, really. I’m really confused.

I can’t tell if it’s meant to be a joke.

Because they can’t seriously be reporting this as news.

I mean, really, can they?

I just… I’m really confused. Are we now going to start judging people on the actions of their ancestors? Because if we are, then most of the political class are going to be up shit creek with a complete lack of paddle. Most of them come from backgrounds that include, at the very least, slavery. And most of them it’s going to be a closer relative that last did something evil and unpleasant on a grand scale.

Watching the media desperately, desperately attempt to vilify Corbyn is alternately hilarious and awful. I find myself grateful that finally Labour appears to have rediscovered its purpose, in that the people have elected someone actually left wing to lead the party, whatever the rest of the shambles of a party makes of that. But that the media in the UK is so dismal, that the papers are all so depressingly right wing, well, if it weren’t so funny watching them raid the bare cabinet and scrape up political nothings to make into ‘news’, well, it’d be depressing beyond words.


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