Help (me find a doctor in the US)

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So, in about 6 weeks, assuming I get a visa on Tuesday, we’re moving to the USA… Washington State, semi-specifically. Which is big and scary all by itself, then there’s the whole ‘needing a doctor’ thing.

We’ve looked for GLBTQ friendly doctors (most importantly for me, the T bit of that) , and there are some in Seattle, and some in Olympia, but we’re looking at Port Townsend, and both of those are a bit inconvenient. They’re not totally un-do-able… My general health at the moment is good enough that I’m not deeply angsty about the doctor being a trip away, but if anyone knows of any good T-friendly docs in the Olympic Peninsula region, it’d be really handy.

Essentially, I need someone to give me HRT, and keep a loose eye on my liver function (been fine for a few years now :) ).

Help me tumblr, you’re my only hope :)

Additional: We may be going to Mount Vernon or Bellingham… so suggestions for there too, would be good.

Signal boost! Anyone know?

The only Oly friend I’ve talked about this with is seeing a doc in Portland, for reasons, but I know there’s at least one Bellinghamster on here with a good doc rec.

If you end up in Port Townsend, Jefferson Healthcare lists “recognized as a “Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality” by the
Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation” as a point of pride on their site – but I know that isn’t much help in finding an individual transgender-issue-competent and friendly doctor.

I see Dr. Joseph Siatta for my endocrinology work. He’s with Pacific Medical Centers in the Seattle area and is in different locations throughout the Seattle area on different days of the week. I think he may have one up north but I don’t know for certain. The main scheduling number for him is (206) 505-1300.

One note to keep in mind, he tried a gate keeping move on my first appointment, asking for a letter from my therapist, stating that I need him to get my prescriptions. I shot that down real quick stating that I did not need him to get meds (grey market pharmacies like In House) and I’m hiring him for his knowledge to keep me safe and healthy. He’s been an excellent collaborator ever since.

Thanks! That’s very handy, I’ll stick him on my (currently very short) list. 

I suppose it’s only fair. I’ve been privileged by both having a really good endo here, just by chance, but also because I’m a nurse (and until recently a fairly senior one (resigned to emmigrate)) – so I’m used to just telling the doctors what I want – and mostly family doctors here listen, either because I sound like a confident health professional who knows her shit… Or because I scare them with the fact that if I complain, it probably (wrongly, but still) carries much more weight than if another member of joe public does.

Suddenly I’m thrust into the real world that everyone else occupies, and it’s a bit unnerving to actually be reliant on finding someone good.

Which is my way of saying, thank you folks, and more suggestions still welcome :)