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It’s another beautiful day, and I’d really rather be working my yarden.

Yesterday’s attempt at yarden work was a little overwhelming, just ‘cause I’ve let it go so long, but I realized that I can use my new border idea to sort of pace myself. Install border -> weed/deadhead/tend THAT area –> progress to next area. It cuts the giant yarden up into small satisfying pieces where I can see what I’ve accomplished.

I really need to A) ‘do’ the chimbley first, whatever that means, and then B) borrow a chopsaw. A chopsaw is the best tool for both the studio trim and cutting the old fence boards (I used the circular saw yesterday, but chopsaw is safer and faster). Usually I’d borrow my dad’s awesome one but he’s doing a bunch of work on his own place right now and he needs it. There are three neighbors who may have saws they’re willing to lend; I just need to work it out with one of ’em.

And I probably shouldn’t borrow anyone’s tools until I’m done with the chimbley. Non chimbley items are distractions that are far more fun than chimbleys.

But it’s so much more fun to start new fun things than finish tedious uninteresting jobs… And following my advice you totally won’t end up 4 years down the line scrabbling to finish a billion small uninteresting jobs. No. Not at all.