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As if you needed any more reasons to not watch the new Stonewall movie

“you can study, you can maybe have a more regular life”

“a more regular life”


did he really

did that just happen

did he basically just say that he thinks a straight acting cis man can teach qpoc, trans woc and trans people in general that they can be… normal?

you heard it from the source folks. Emmerich seems to believe that trans poc were only living on the streets because they didn’t study.

fuck. you.

that fictional danny winters fucker ended up at fucking Columbia University. Expensive as shit and elite white as shit. But poc lgbtqia people living on teh street … I am just…


jesus, can I get a courtesy flush over here please? ‘cause this is a huge pile of shit.

This is like he’s saying “Just in case you think I fucked up on accident, let me assure you that I fucked up entirely intentionally.”