Bonus Moron

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So, I misread something. It may make essentially no difference, or it may put us almost an entire month behind. It turns out that, whilst my friend received her letter giving her the appointment for them to have their visa interview a couple of weeks after their statement of readiness, that process can take up to six weeks, and the visa appointment is four weeks from when you get the letter.

I had somehow read it as six weeks total.


I mean, it’s not like we can’t survive, or it’s an insurmountable issue, except that to maximise the value from the house we really want to sell it as soon as possible. And if the US government, for some yet as unforeseen reason, don’t want to issue me a visa then it’d be ‘handy’ if we knew that before we sell the house. Which leads to me attempting to make the letter arrive by sheer willpower.

Still, this idiot-moment that I’ve realised hasn’t changed the current work/marketing schedule. So yesterday I stripped down an inordinate number of pallets to make the planter to go along the edge of the deck…


Also, you can see my shiny new hand-truck for the moving of gravel, err, tomorrow.


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