Planning to vote for Bernie Sanders?

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I just saw another enthusiastic post going around, encouraging people to vote for the man, but missing an important fact.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are both running as Democrats.

The party will use YOUR votes to decide how many Democratic Party delegates from your state go to the Democratic National Convention and vote on who represents the party in the general election (what this means varies by state; see this article for an explanation). This means that in order for you to see Bernie Sanders in the White House, you must see him beat Hillary Clinton at the DNC.

If you do not vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary, you will NOT be able to vote for him as president, because only one person will represent the Democratic Party. If you want to see Bernie Sanders in the White House, again, you cannot wait for the general election, because he will have been knocked out of the race.

Holy SHIT. People don’t already know this? Sweet merciful crap.

I don’t even live in the States and I know this :)

But then I do listen to Maddow, and I do am in the process of moving to live in the US (with my beloved) so would really, really like this next election not to make the US into a GOP hell.