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There’s a giant victim culture temper tantrum coming from the Christian right

Opponents of marriage equality are raising all kinds of dire scenarios about how marriage equality will usher in an era of vicious discrimination against Christians, who will face all sorts of outrageous punishments for merely upholding their religious beliefs. But when they say discrimination and punishment, they’re really talking about basic consequences, which many on the right feel they should be exempt from…

You’re a religious association that doesn’t want to rent to an LGBT wedding? You don’t have to, but you might have to give up renting to the public. You’re a faith-based social service agency? Maybe your internal policies will be incompatible with government grants. The thing is, this isn’t a disproportionate penalty. It’s a basic consequence…

Bob Jones University lost its tax exemption because it prohibited interracial dating. Its tax exemption. As in, it had to pay taxes. That’s the punishment. Not exactly persecution at the level of the Spanish Inquisition.

This is how deep the right’s culture of victimhood and entitlement goes. They believe they’re automatically entitled to tax exemptions and government grants without having to follow the government’s rules to get those benefits. They think if they’re not allowed to discriminate and still get every possible government benefit, they’re victims. And they’re gearing up for a decades-long battle to demand that the government see things their way.