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So, a side note to anyone going to the San Diego Comic Con… I saw a post about this going around ages ago, but I can’t find it to reference or reblog, so I’ll just start fresh.

If you’re a woman at the con and you’re being harassed or feel uncomfortable in some way, my table is a safe place.  You can come by and hang out behind the table or whatever you need. We’ll back you up. 

I’m usually there with my husband, but even if it’s just him, he’ll help you out.  Bonus, he’s a big dude who can look scary if he needs to. This is him (and me):


I guarantee he’s 100% an ally and will do whatever you need. He’ll pretend to be your boyfriend or let you hide under the table or whatever. Or if you just want to chat about our cats until a creep wanders away, he’ll tell you all about our dumb kitties for as long as necessary. No worries at all. 

So you know. Hopefully no one will need that, but if shit gets unpleasant: Table N-08 in Small Press. Beastlies. 

This is a super great idea on Leslie’s part, and I’m totally going to jump on her bandwagon!  I don’t have a big burly husband like Leslie (DAMN), but I’ll be at Q-15 in Small Press – up against the back wall of the Exhibition Hall, not far from the Restrooms and the back stairs.

If you’re being followed, harassed, or just generally feeling uncomfortable with someone’s behavior towards you at the con, just swing by!  I’ll pretend we’re old high school friends or coworkers at the drop of a hat. :)

I’ve worn skimpy cosplay at cons and have had to deal with harassment from creeps on a number of occasions (one guy groaned and yelled at me for lightly brushing my hair out of my cleavage because he was “trying to be so good and then I had to go and do that”), but I’m usually lucky enough to have my friends with me to back me up – not everyone has that privilege.

And while I do not have a table, I have a bitey blue-haired fiddler, and if you are uncomfortable AT ALL and you see us, just say.  We will have been your best friends for twenty years (even if you’re fifteen we just befriended you through time travel IDK) and we will fight anyone who has a problem with that.