Uneven is the name of the game

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I’m sure there are people in the world who are much more evenly effective in their activities. I, on the other hand, flick wildly from days where I achieve nothing (other than perhaps binge watching multiple episodes of Parks and Rec, or manage to up my dinking-on-the-internet-wasted-hours by some phenomenal amount) to days where I feel like I’ve made some pretty spiffy progress in things.


Today, for example I’ve sanded down the heavily filled door frame that goes from our hall into our kitchen. It’s heavily filled because the door has clearly been repositioned from side to side and from hall-side to kitchen-side and back, leaving the wood with multiple dints. It’s also suffered from the fact that when the house was built they trimmed the edge off the frame to fit the built in cabinet:


So I’ve had to reconstruct that edge… and also ‘blend’ it in to the new skirting (baseboards) in the kitchen.

So anyhow, after fitting a new edge to it, and putting half a ton of filler on (then sanding off 3/8ths of a ton of filler) I finally, today, got it looking enough like a doorframe…


That I could happily, finally, caulk around it then put a coat of paint on it.

At the same time I’ve put the first coat of paint on the front door, which is looking much, much better than it did before it had a coat of paint on it. Slightly irritatingly, I thought I’d run out of caulk so went off and got a new tube of it, before discovering that actually I still have 2/3rds of a tube. But I’d also forgotten that the nozzle on the old tube was cracked, and was leaking, so actually it turned out to be pretty handy. And with bonus added handyness because I took the opportunity to grab both more manure:


And more bark chip. Oh, and another clematis.


(Yes, I do need to cut the ‘lawn’).

The other clematis looked to be doing really well…and then the slugs got it. So I’ve hurled many slug pellets in the other one’s pot, and also put quite a few pellets in this one. I’d quite like to soften the corners of the garage, and make it look a bit more settled in there, which the clematis might do.

I realise buying plants when we’re moving is foolish. But hey, what can I say, it looks pretty.


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