Let me just take a moment to share

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Let me take a moment to remind you just how crappy nights are. I am at work today, having had yesterday off, having finished nights on Wednesday morning. So: Work night – ‘day off’ (where I worked the first 7 hours of the day), rest day, and notionally today I ‘should’ be back to a normal day schedule.

Only instead, I spent yesterday feeling completely exhausted and then woke up, awake as you f’ing like at 0300 this morning and have since had no hope whatsoever of getting back to sleep. I feel really, really tired. But have spent the last hour and 16 minutes listening to the owl outside and a mouse which appears to have made its home in the attic (I feel another humane trap purchase coming on).

I keep yawning, and wanting to curl up in a ball, and having got up my body is cursing me. But sleep? Not f’king forthcoming because nights.

Incidentally, the UK G’vt doesn’t think night shifts, and the corresponding loss of lifespan from doing them, are not worth paying medical staff extra. This is because the UK g’vt is a bunch of right-wing toffs who haven’t done a night’s honest work in their life.


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