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Today we both got photographed. Our general fame and being followed by paparazzi not withstanding, this was just passport photos. But passport photos taken by an actual human-type person (which is, interestingly, way nicer than a machine doing it) and printed in a USAian style. A lovely 2″ by 2″ photo of myself and one of Kathryn is now upstairs awaiting attachment to the relevant G-325A (Biographical Data) forms.

We also finished the bits we can complete on the computer for the I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative…). There are, oddly, some bits you can’t fill in on the PDF that you have to complete by hand. We were going to print it off but irritatingly, the toner in the printer was getting a bit low and producing patchy prints (TBH it’s been like that since I got it, ‘cos it was second hand). I took it out and shook it, with the hope that it would produce some better prints… instead the printer went “Oh, it’s empty”.


But! But I had a spare, the one from the other printer I bought second hand that was DOA (got a full refund tho’).

I grabbed that and threw it in.

It turned out it produces filthy, filthy prints with dirty streaks on them.

[ETA: I’d changed the toner and the drum simultaneously, because I’m a moron; and because they’re attached together. I’m at this very moment waiting to see if we need a new drum having come up with the idea of switching the toner between the empty one and the one with the crappy drum unit. [paper feeds out] YAHA! “Go little printer! Go little printer!” (imagine me dancing) ]

Of course, we’d planned for this low toner issue (for loose definitions of planned), with a stop on the way home from our breakfast trip to The Workhouse Cafe – stopping at Staples, who informed me that they carry absolutely no stock for Kyocera printers at all, whatsoever. Nor, it turns out, do any of the stores in Bristol carry stock for printers as old as ours, although one of them seemed convinced that if he kept me on the phone long enough I’d give in and order one to be delivered to his store, so I could drive across Bristol and collect it from him (as opposed to ordering a refill for a tenner online).

[Continued from the ETA. I could have just rewritten this post because I hadn’t actually hit publish when I realised about the whole toner/drum thing, but…. naaaah].

However… the scabby second toner cartridge appears to have improved matters at least a bit. Perhaps enough…

…And YAY! I have decimated a small forest re-printing odd pages, but also, have finally produced all of the pages required. Next comes a sign-a-thon and then it goes in the post on Monday. And then we’re poorer, but hopefully with some chance of US-land-living.

Now we just need Kathryn’s UK Citizenship* and we can flit about the world like the globetrotters we are.

* And my US Nursing registration**.
** And for flitting, ideally a lot more money ;)


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