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Two men were shot by a police officer today in Olympia. Both Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin are alive, but Thompson is in critical condition. They were suspected of shoplifting (though the article states taht they threw the items back at the employees when confronted, which… actually means that even if it IS the same people and that IS what they did, they didn’t actually steal). The Olympia Police are NOT investigating themselves; Olympian article says “It will instead be investigated by the Thurston County Critical Response Team, a group made up of five local law enforcement agencies” which is… unfortunately vague. (googling the group name turns up ZILCH except for links back to the Olympian article).

I’m very glad that both men are still alive, and absolutely furious at the continued use of lethal force against black people suspected of misdemeanors.

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Per the Olympian, updated one hour ago.