…and that went particularly well.

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So I walked into the bank and the friendly clerk, on my asking for a physical paper real actual thing type money order, rather than a digital one, looked confused and disorientated. She checked the calendar… no, it is 2015. She asked if I could possibly do it online.

Having explained that no, it says ‘Cheque or Money Order’ she said she couldn’t remember the cost and then between her and another person they found the form, blew off the dust, and discovered they couldn’t find – anywhere – the actual cost of doing it. They did know, however, that they have to send the form off and it gets processed elsewhere and then the money order is sent, by post, to me.

They suggested it might be around £15, but they weren’t sure because they most recently produced a money order about 5 years ago. They thought it probably took at least a couple of days.

I tried the post office. They can’t produce them at all anymore.

So it’ll be back to the bank on Monday then. Thankfully, they gave me the form because it’ll be a different branch I have to go to (my local little tiny one is closed on Mondays), and I have this feeling they’re going to be as lost as my local branch were.


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