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If it’s not too prying – what prompted your decision to remain out and active in the trans community?






It never occurred to me to not be out and active. For one thing, I’ve been a political activist since I was in college, and I’ve volunteered for political campaigns since Nader in 2000. Beyond that, I identify as a trans woman. I have no desire to erase the “trans” part of who I am. I have no desire to fade into the crowd. I think it’s incredibly important to point out to society that yes, trans folks actually exist, and we kick ASS. That’s a big reason I’m so “out.” I also refuse to leave my fate and the fate of my trans sisters in the hands of others… So I will continue to agitate. 

You’re really inspiring

That’s incredibly humbling. Thank you :)

I feel exactly the same way. I don’t hide who I am. I could, but I don’t want to. I have so much I can offer the world exactly as I am. I realize that not everyone has that option, and this is not a condemnation of those folks. It’s just a celebration of girls like us! Go us! :-D

Fuck yeah! #BaymaxKnuckles

That is really inspiring – and impressive. I kind of ended up wandering partially unintentionally, and partially intentionally into a closet. Have never lied (to my recollection), but also have been quite evasive with answers over the past few years… 

I find it more odd because I used to run a trans-youth support group…so used to be very out-and-proud and then just kinda stopped when I handed the group over.

Been vaguely thinking about being more out, but haven’t really reached any conclusions yet. :)