Abroadland update

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Today the horseless carriage delivered the woodblock printed / papyrus combination of items that is known as an “International Banker’s Draft”. I then put that in an envelope and mailed it to the states whereupon those lovely folks in the Washington State DoH will cast their eyes upon it and decide if I should be allowed to sit the NCLEX.

Please all keep your fingers crossed, because I’d quite like to move to the ‘states RIGHT NOW.

Not that the insane right-wing government and the callous and evil of Britain have elected* have made me even keener to leave. I wouldn’t want you to think that.

*The papers I saw today in the post office led with “NOW LET’S HAVE A REFERENDUM ON EUROPE” as their front page – which may save us bothering with UK citizenship for Kathryn, ‘cos whyTF would we come back to this shithole once it’s been fracked-and-strip-mined?.