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@ ppl who eat beans on toast: what else do u eat? cheese on bananas? onions on cookies? soup on cereal? do u just go into a cupboard close ur eyes and force urself to eat the first two things you find? why do u like soggy bread? is it because you, yourself, have a soggy personality? let me know

blue isn’t online so i’m going 2 say this for them: historically, beans on toast is something poor people eat because it’s cheap and affordable, so can we please stop making fun of people for it

Okay yeah me and my family eat this often when money is scarce, it means we get more for our money. With toast the whole family can have a share of a can or two it’s been a life saver for us.

Uuuhm, and what is wrong with Beans on toast? It’s a traditional Brit food. Beans on toast or, if you’re going wild Beans with sausages on toast… Want to splash out? Grate some cheddar on top and watch it melt.