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v for vendetta is a film with a female protagonist that criticises capitalism, condemns pedophilia, encourages the viewers to question their governments, has a central plot about how LGBT people are condemned in right wing societies (more than three LGBT characters are in it) and was directed by a transwoman and her brother.

why has this become a fuckboy classic

#i honestly feel so bad for lana wachowski#between v for vendetta and the matrix#awful dudebro douchebags just keep commodifying her artistry into something that represents violence against her person#that must suck raw balls

It also represents how poc are oppressed in society. There are no poc because, as stated, the government literally killed them all. And poisoned poor children in order to create an excuse that would allow white people to let them. This movie was a brilliant reaction to American conservatism as the comic was to Thatcher in the eighties. I’ve always loved both and my first foray into complex writing was a fan fiction dedicated to Evey.

Only problem is that the Wachowskis didn’t direct V for Vendetta… But I’m excited about Sense8!