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I broke my favorite shovel.

It was my great grandmother’s shovel.

Only the fact that dad assures me we can replace the handle keeps me from sitting in the dirt with the two halves wailing “YOU BROKE MY GRANDMOTHER’S SPEAR” at the offending root, a la Grim Eyes. 

(That, and that my great grandmother was a truly wonderful woman who does not deserve to be associated with Grim Eyes’ mother).

This may be too late, but depending on how it broke you may not have to even replace the handle. Sadly I don’t have a photo of my mum’s repaired-by-my-dad-who’s-been-dead-10-years spade’s handle but if it’s not a straightish break they can be very successfully repaired (being in healthcare, I want to say the break on that handle was somewhat like a spiral fracture (

I think the trick was really good quality impact adhesive on the splintered sections – pop it back together and then immediately wrap twine around it phenomenally tightly over a good distance more than the section of the break. Then bond that in position at each end.

Anyhow, I hope you can save it…