Just call me Doors, Kate Doors.

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Uh, okay, so that doesn’t have quite such a good ring to it.

I’ve never worked out what it is that means that some days I get up with the energy of a thousand suns, burn through activities and feel totally positive and able to do anything; and why some days I get up and, well, the activity of getting up is bad enough, but then there’s the whole rest of the day to face. I spend most of my life fairly well centred between these two, but sometimes I swing off to one end of my enthusiasm spectrum.

I know at the end of the day its all neurotransmitters and biochemistry. But it’s fairly strange. Thankfully today was one of the super-enthusiastic-oh-I’ve-just-had-the-best-idea days. Which was aided by the fact the weather totally cooperated with my plan, unexpectedly. So I shot out of the house in the morning and went to our local department store that does the ColourTrends paint that we really (really) like and got the paint for the stair rails (and white trim… and doors…). I also came up with a (genius) plan to make pseudo-green-houses for the areas in front of the deck. Which meant that I really needed to get on with finishing the under-deck-doors.


So I whipped around and grabbed hinges and locks and such. Then nipped to Two Day Coffee to get the fuel for such activities, before dropping some coffee off at a friend’s house (she’s poorly at the mo’ with a miserable cold/cough). Then a flying visit to the bakery and then a extra flying visit to the garden centre (slug pellets). And finally a visit to the autoparts place, because I noticed the Prius has used some oil…

Anyhow, after a quick lunch (which was courtesy of Hart’s Bakery, another route to happiness there), I headed down to the garage, cleared up a tiny bit and threw the heater on. Thankfully I’d already stripped down a bunch of pallets so I didn’t even have to do the tedious bit and I had nice dry wood to work with. Not long later I emerged from the garage with two of these:


You’ll have to excuse this bit of the garden, it’s where all the crap’s landed. But under the deck there are now two doors. Yay:


So I only need to box in that final segment at the right hand end, and the stairs, and I’ll be ready to start building the planters that are going to live in front of it *and* be pseudogreenhouses. I hope. Assuming Kathryn likes my idea. Otherwise they’ll just be planters.

This, of course, means getting some more pallets. Again.

I love pallets though. I could never’ve afforded to build this much ‘stuff’ without free wood. In expectation of this I’ve ordered a new set of batteries for the autofeeding screwdriver (well, I’ve ordered a bunch of tagged SC cells so I can build a new pack for it).

The only problem with one of these moods is this is when I order 50 bajillion things, and they all arrive two weeks later by which time I’ve lost interest.

Ah well.

In related news, the dead 18v pack has arrived for my circular saw, which tempts me to buy knock-off Makita batteries and chargers, because I’m hoping I might be able to 3D print an adaptor. Especially now I’ve got the thing that is meant to fit. But I’m wondering if John might be able to charge it a bit with his desk supply, which would mean that I might have some hope of testing the saw before I go splashing out actual cash on it. If it works it’d be tempting to build an adaptor for the craptastic ‘Challenge’ 18v drill, because I suspect that thing has 1mAh cells in it given how long the bloody thing lasts. Fully charged (I assume, it’s hard to tell because it doesn’t come with an intelligent charger, you just have to unplug it after ‘a while’*) it didn’t even make it through screwing in all the screws on one of the doors before it was flat.

Le sigh.

Anyhow, it’s been a productive day, which makes me feel pretty good :)

Incidentally, today’s music is: Gwenno / Y Dydd Olaf which, given how much time I’ve spent in Wales the last few weeks seems very apt. Am quite upset that the vinyl sold out, though. I’ve been waiting to get it for ages… finally get paid and it’s gone :(

* Mind the cheeky sods have put a red and a green LED on the charger so it looks like it’s an intelligent charger. ‘course it’s pretty obvious when you turn it on and both lights come on, stay on, and do nothing different, ever, that it’s not. It’s just an 18….oh hang on my little chickens, perhaps I can charger the 18v battery myself. I have an 18v 23v** supply just kicking around.
** Obviously it needs to be a wee bit more than 18 volts to charge an 18v battery. Just checked and it’s 23V


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