And lo, a wall.

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So I’ve made the first fixed glazed section. Both the end walls of the greenshed will have a fixed (non-opening) window. Today after much pondering of the how, the where and the why I put together the first of these. Unfortunately, being a bit of a twit I forgot I’d already made the back panel and needed to design the end panel I was creating with that in mind. So I didn’t. Which means I’ll have to tweak the structure of the back panel to make them meet the way I want. They will work together as is, but it’d be less pretty. Despite this I’m quite pleased with where I’m at. I’ve got enough wood to throw together the other end, and the only things I’ve bought are screws, a few* hinges, a hook-and-eye fastener and a handle. Oh and some glazier’s putty, because the windows were in danger of falling out. But to be honest I needed some of that for the door I painted on the server/laundry room anyway.

I trial-fitted the front and side bits together:


Which amazingly went very well.

The one minor irritation is I bought shorter screws than I meant to; then I ordered more of the short screws (as auto-feed screws) as well. Thankfully they just about work, but I do feel a little silly having done that.

The next step is a little tricky, however. My plan is to create a quick’n’dirty concrete base (oh postcrete, I feel another purchase coming), on which to stand the thing. Then I need to do some careful measuring before I make the other end of it, because it needs to be trimmed to go around the neighbour’s rather odd little foundation that juts out into our garden. It should all be quite entertaining.

At any rate, another solid couple of days of work should have it pretty much together, I think. Then I just need to grab some hessian sacks to line the raised bed component of it, and we can plant some things in there, and leave some pots of other things in there**.

It’s all quite exciting.

* well, okay, four hinges
** Err, I suppose I also need to finish the edging bit of the deck such that the chiminea, if it’s salvageable, will not be able to fall directly in to the greenhouse, which would be extreme badness I feel. I’m a bit wary of this because it’s wood in relatively close proximity to the fire, but I’m unsure how else to achieve any kind of safety net there. Unless I get some metal railings…


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