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You know what I love about this statement? The fire inside of it, the rage directed at a racist action from a school administrator. There is no professional glossing about this, no usage of “we do not condone this behavior”. This was not done to make those reading it feel comfortable, it is a direct shaming of behavior that these young men knew better than to demonstrate.

This is the LEADER of a institution of higher learning firing back and telling a group of students that they are a disgrace to the school name. 

I love President Boren’s overall attitude of, “You knew the rules when you showed up, here are the consequences, because in 2015, you all knew far better.” He even acknowledges it was “freedom of speech”, but addresses they abused that, resulting in consequences.

I am so here for this.


“As for where the SAE members will live in the meantime, Boren said: ‘We don’t provide student services for bigots.’


I also love that it’s like “yep, you have freedom of speech, but you used it to be a racist fuckwaffle and should be ashamed of yourselves.”

The whole thing seems to be being handled incredibly well. ‘You have freedom of speech, for sure, but when you’re a dick with your freedom of speech this is what happens’.