Progress that actually feels like progress

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So despite the plodding work of painting the trim it’s not felt like a great deal of progress. I’ve been pleased to be plodding along with it, but it’s not felt like I’ve got lots done. It’s funny though, that painting a relatively small chunk of the trim that’s been waiting for ages for me to give in and take up a weekend doing it has made me feel so much closer to completion.

This stretch of picture rail up at the top of the stairs has been waiting for a weekend when Kathryn and I were here, because I promised long ago that I’d not go flailing about on ladders high up in the air when she’s not here*. Which has made it hard to paint, because I really wanted enough time that I could fairly much complete it from sanding to painting to peeling off the low-tack tape…

…and this was that weekend.



And funnily enough, despite the fact that it’s taken not more than a few hours of actual time (although a lot of faffing around with the ladder, a lot of waiting in-between coats) it is feeling much more like progress. I’m hoping to throw the last coat on tonight, whip the masking tape off, and that will be ‘it’. At least upstairs-trim wise.

I also, finally, after months of prevarication put up the shelves in Kathryn’s office, and the blind, and attached the ceiling rose to…well, the ceiling.


Which means I can scratch another room off the ‘fiddly little jobs left‘ list and stick it on the ‘done’ list. ‘ra.

* Which seems like a wise plan. Not being up there, that is.


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