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So, a week or two ago I noticed a job offer. In a hospital in the place I want to work…in about 6-9 months or so.

Only I’ve never seen any ER jobs offered there when I’ve looked, especially not a 0.6 FTE job. Which is what I work now, and what I’d quite like to do in the US, so my best beloved and I can set up a shop all of our very own. So I felt like this was an I MUST APPLY NOW situation.

So I got to work, looked up what a US resume should look like (having only ever written a CV, and that quite a long time ago since every nursing job has been application based), and put together a resume, and then showed it to my mother-in-law and to my USian friend Kate, and said ‘err, is this what a resume should look like?’ Apparently it more-or-less is – after a few tweaks*. So today I submitted the application. It must be said, for all the fact that my resume seems reasonably impressive to me, in my current circumstances I wouldn’t give me the job… well, not if I wanted someone to start *now*. Not because I’m not qualified, but because it may be noticed that my commute would be a little over-long at the moment (requiring 2 flights, or a several hour drive and a, at best, 12 hour flight, followed by another hour’s drive just to get home). Of course we’re scrabbling to get the house ready to sell, I’m in the process of applying for my US registration… it’s all in process… so if they’re happy to wait a few months before I start, it’s all good.

But hopefully they’ll look at it and go ‘Oh, she looks great, damn, she lives in the UK’ and then when I re-apply with ‘we’re moving on date X’ they’ll be all prepared and be excited to have me. I mean, I’m pretty keen :)

Or perhaps I’ll be the most awesomely skilled person they’ve got applying, in which case, I’d very much like the job please thank you very much. ;)

* […]Resume.doc
[…]Resume 2.doc
[…]Resume V2b.doc
[…]Resume 3.doc
[…]Resume Final.doc**

Yes, I really should set up version control in Word, if I must use that loathesome piece of crap… except, at this moment I’ve just remembered I’ve got the Adobe suite. God damn it.

Also, spent a long time trying to make sure I’d worked with lots of specialties, not specialities, realized and not realised, and got a B.S., not a BSc… and so on. I didn’t even realise a BSc wasn’t called a BSc in the states.

** Why is that I only ever spot really minor typographical issues*** after I’ve produced the PDF version?
*** Oh look, 2 hyphens instead of en-dashes, in just two of the dates. Let’s tweak that and make the PDF again.


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