And on it goes

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Amazingly it seems to be working. So long as I don’t do the ‘copy entire disks full of data around’ thing or ask it to access all the disks at once, the media server seems to be serving media. Yay.

One day I'll have a fully installed media server... It may not be today.

It’s still working its way through cataloguing everything in Plex*, and LMS will have to rebuild its catalogue when that’s done. Then I can box it up and move it back to the server room where I won’t have to listen to the constant drone of the hard disks…

I managed to get Plex updated so I can access it from my phone (and I can ‘share’ stuff between myself and friends, which is nice), I just need to add the XBMC (aka Kodi) plug in for Plex, which I’ll do when I’ve moved the server bac, since it lands on a different IP address when it’s in the cupboard (because I didn’t floodwire upstairs, because I’m a lazy toad, so it connects through a wireless adaptor).

* It turned out that whilst the directories had access permissions set so that Plex could see them, the disk itself was set such that only I could see it. I don’t know why. None of the others were set up that way**.
** Also, I can’t remember how I set up my fstab before, because I managed to get it to happily mount a disk with both a hyphen and an √© in the name (I know, I’m a bad, bad person) – but I’ve singularly failed to do that this time. I ended up renaming Guy-Blach√© to Guy-Blache and it still seems to have a bit of a strop about that hyphen. Looks fine when using it, but looks bloody odd when accessed remotely.


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