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Ohdear, how’d it go?

I don’t think the magic little pills did jack shit.

At 3 in the morning I took more regular nyquil and actually slept, though! Like, for more than two hours straight! o/ I might have turned the corner!

Sleeping is amazing. A while back I had this awful cough. It wasn’t like the cough itself was awful, but the continuous, sleep depriving, persistence of the bastard thing was an absolute killer. I ended up nearly in tears at the GP having tried codeine and night-nurse (which essentially contains pre-med and normally knocks me out completely), and every single over the counter medication.

I got a script for Temazepam, which knocked me out until, I think, 12 midday. I slept for a good 14 hours. And woke up still feeling sleepy. The next night I took a half dose which left me groggy at around 10am… The third night I took 1/4 of a tablet and got a nice sleep. I still felt dozy, but after 3 nights of sleep I was finally able to cope with the world again without wanting to cry. And actually started to get well again.

…so I therefore wish you a peaceful night’s rest.